About Cosmic Delivery

The Founders

York Delloyd and Trent Walls holding a Cosmic Delivery car topper.

In 2016 Cosmic Delivery was founded by Trent Walls (Right; UGA'18) and York Delloyd (Left; UGA'18); two computer systems engineering students at the University of Georgia. Trent and York started Cosmic Delivery with a vision to provide Athens, GA customers with a quicker and more friendly option to food delivery through technological improvements to the systems used by current food delivery services. The partners are currently working to achieve this mission with the help of a fantastic team.

The Team

Cosmic Delivery prides itself in hiring local talent to keep our business operational on a day to day basis. Every aspect of our business from the website you use to place orders, to the order processing tablets we use in restaurants, to our marketing materials were designed and developed by Athens locals and students at the University of Georgia. We reinvest 100% of the money we make back into the local community by hiring local talent to create new tools and processes to improve our customer’s experience.

The Future

In the near future Cosmic Delivery aims to greatly improve the convience and speed of food delivery in the Athens Area. As a food delivery service with a strong emphasis in technology, Cosmic plans to strengthen the bond between restaurants and delivery services in order to provide the end customer with more speedy delivery and an overall better quality of delivered food.