Cancellation Policy of Cosmic Delivery

Last Updated: May 10, 2019

Cosmic Delivery understands that on occasion our customers will need to cancel their order due to emergencies or unforeseen circumstances. We try our best to accommodate for these situations, however we do discourage cancellations as Cosmic Delivery has to pay the restaurant for your order even if it has been cancelled. Excessive cancellation requests will lead to restrictions being placed on customer accounts.

Fast Cancellations
If a customer cancels their order before the restaurant begins preparring the order the cancellation will not be counted against them.

Insufficient Funds
If a customer does not have sufficient funds to pay for the entire order once it arrives, their food will be disposed of and will be considered to be a cancellation in our system.

First Cancellation
The first time a customer requests to cancel an order we will honor their request with no questions asked.

Second Cancellation
The second time a customer requests to cancel an order we will honor their request, however a restriction will be placed on their account requiring them to pay for future orders in advance.

Third and Fourth Cancellations
Cancellation requests will be granted. After the fourth cancellation request the customer will be informed they will no longer be able to cancel future orders.

Cancellations Beyond Fourth Cancellation
After having cancelled four orders, any subsequent cancellation attempts will be declined.