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Jan 29 Delivery Fee Increase

Published 29 January 2019 by Trent Walls

As of Jan 29, 2019 Cosmic Delivery will begin increasing our delivery fee by $0.50 - $1.00. Please note that we will be performing a slow roll-out of the new delivery fee. This means only a small portion of our customers will pay the increased delivery fee on January 29th and that we will be slowly increasing the number of customers paying the new delivery fee over the next few weeks. This slow roll-out will allow for us to receive proper feedback and comments from our customers before the update is complete.

The additional $0.50-$1.00 we are adding to the delivery fee will allow for us to continue to provide reliable service to our loyal customers. Over the past six months we’ve seen an increase in demand for drivers in Athens. To ensure that our delivery team is fairly compensated and that we will be able to continue to recruit fantastic drivers, we have been making increases to our driver pay. Up to this point these pay increases were made with no additional fees being charged to our service, however in order to sustain increased pay for our driving team, we will be asking our customers to help out with some of the costs in the form of a $0.50-$1.00 addition to our delivery fee.

While our delivery fee will be slightly higher, we will remain the most affordable third party delivery service in Athens. Price transparency remains an important aspect of our service and we will continue to charge the same price for food as you would pay in the store and will never hide additional fees in a Service Fee/ Sales Tax category. In addition, when you order delivery from Cosmic 100% of profits from your order go back into the local economy by paying local talent to process your delivery, design our technology, and improve the product experience. We were founded and are operated in Athens and believe in supporting the local economy.

We appreciate your patronage of our delivery service and look forward to providing you with a continued reliable service. If you have any questions about the new delivery fee you can call/text our customer support line at 706-521-3664 or send an e-mail to