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Let’s Get Cosmic (Delivery)

Published 05 February 2017 by Christie Walls

Cosmic Delivery is a quick, easy, and cheap food delivery service in Athens, Georgia. The two owners of this new Athens food delivery company are Trent Walls and his partner York Delloyd. Cosmic Delivery’s philosophy is reinventing the way that food delivery is done. One of their goals is to provide affordable, fast service to their customers. There is no doubt that they have met their goal of keeping their business cheap, as the Athens, GA based company currently charges just 2.99 plus 5 percent for the order total. They do not even charge a card processing fee, or per-mile fee. In addition to maintaining low rates, Cosmic also provides a transparent pricing model by keeping the menu prices on our site the same as the prices offered to the restaurant’s dine-in customers so the customer never pays hidden delivery fees. Another goal that the company has includes making the delivery process as fair and professional as possible and innovating to always be at the forefront of trends in delivery service. It is safe to say these businessmen hold their company to high standards and will see a lot of growth in the company’s near future. In fact, the food delivery company started only seven months ago, and already has a total of fifteen Athens restaurants who they are working with.

Both founders of the company are students at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia. Trent Walls is a fourth year student double majoring in Computer Science and Computer Systems Engineering. York Delloyd is a third year student majoring in Computer System Engineering. Even though their majors specialize in computers, these men have started a thriving food delivery company that truly values the people involved.

Walls says that the next step is “offering a wider selection of restaurants to really encapsulate all of what the Athens food scene is about.” This should not be hard due to the fact that they have already taken on and done well with their thirteen restaurants. Some of the restaurants include: Zombie Coffee and Donuts, Mother Pho, Dawg Gone Good BBQ, Inoko Sushi Express, and Athens Wok.