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New Delivery Fee Model

Published 30 April 2017 by Trent Walls

In order to continue to provide great service to our customers Cosmic Delivery has made two adjustments to our delivery fee model.

Distance Fees
As our delivery network continues to expand it has become more difficult to provide delivery from every restaurant on our network to any location at a single flat rate. For this reason we will be implementing distance fees for deliveries over 4 miles from the restaurant. Distance fees will be based on a straight line from the restaurant to your address and not based on the road distance. By adding a distance fee we will be able to keep our standard delivery fee within a reasonable range, and will be able to continue to provide timely delivery to our customers.

In order to ensure our site is easy to use and customers can still find the best deals within their area we will also be releasing updates to our website that prioritize restaurant listings with no distance fee. We will also display distance fees up front to ensure that our customers are still able to find affordable delivery in their area.

Removing our Service Fee
It is one of Cosmic Delivery’s top priorities to keep our pricing model transparent so that the customer knows what they’re paying for delivery before they even reach the cart. In the past we have been able to achieve this by never increasing menu prices from in-store prices and clearly displaying each fee in the cart, however we would like to make our pricing model even more transparent. To achieve this transparency we have opted to remove the 5% service charge that was originally charged to any delivery order. Unfortunately, removing the service fee will also mean we will need to increase our flat delivery rate from $2.99 to $3.99. While our flat rate will be increasing, many customers will find their total to be lower without an additional service charge added to it!